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Required Equipment

Participants must bring the following equipment throughout the race. Otherwise penalty time will be added to the corresponding solo or team result as listed below:

Personal EquipmentPenalty HoursTeam Equipment*Penalty Hours
Hong Kong Identity Card / Passport or its clear copy4Traditional Compass (not electronic one like mobile phone apps)2
Mobile Phone with enough batteries (must be operative throughout the race)4Map (provided by the Organizer)(no ranking)
Torch / Headlamp (with enough batteries throughout the race)4
Emergency Water for Drinking (at least 250mL) ^4
Emergency Food (at least 200 kcal #1) ^4
Participant Timing Wristband (provided by the Organizer)(no ranking)
Number Bib (provided by the Organizer)2
Raincoat / Windbreaker1
Cash (not less than HK$100)1

^Whatever the reason for using the emergency water or food before completing registration and checking at the Finish Point, penalty time will be added.

* 40K Sprinter also need to bring compass and map.

Every team must bring the following team equipment to Start Point on Day 1. Otherwise penalty time will be added to the corresponding team result as listed below: [After gathering all team members for registration, each member can then store ONE well-packed luggage (including team equipment) at Luggage Storage Counter.]

Team Equipment**Penalty Hours
Whole tent with gears and ground sheet #2 (for at least 2 persons)8
Cooking Utensils4
Stove and fuel (sufficient to cook dinner and boil 1 liter of water)4
Fireproof Mat4
Lighter / Matches1

** not applicable to 40K Sprinter

All equipment listed above MUST be in good working condition. Penalty hour(s) will be added to the solo or team result otherwise. Participants should contact the Organizer at least 10 days before the race if they have any enquiry or would like to confirm whether their equipment fulfills the requirements stated above by the Organizer. The Organizer reserves the rights to interpret the requirements of all required equipment.


#1 Food energy is measured in <J> or <kcal>, (1 kcal=1,000 cal=1 Cal; 4184 J=1 kcal; 1 MJ=239 kcal).

Food energy must be clearly printed in Chinese or English on the packaging.

#2 Tent must meet the following criteria:

  • It is not a kit commonly known as <bivvi bag>;
  • It can fully enclose and cover at least 2 team members and all their kits and equipment;
  • It has a firm structure or frame to support and to prevent its top from collapsing; and
  • It must be waterproof and has an attachable ground sheet.

Suggested Equipment

Participants are suggested to bring the following equipment:

1.Sufficient food and water (water source is available at the campsite)11.Pen for marking on map and writing
2.Sufficient amount of cash / Octopus Card with positive remaining value12.Sun hat with brim
3.Personal medication13.Sun glasses
4.Sanitary items14.Hiking shoes / boots
5.Towel and Toiletries15.Slippers / Sandals
6.Vaseline16.Sleeping bag / Blanket
7.Hiking stick17.Mat
8.Clothes for change18.Insect Repellent
9.Jacket / Coat for keeping warm19.Sun-block
10.Portable Charger / Spare Batteries20.Rubbish bag