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Safety Guidelines

Arrangement under Adverse Weather

Before Registration

  1. If the Black Rainstorm Warning or Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal Pre-No. 8 or No. 8 or above is still hoisted at 8 a.m. on 13 October 2023, the Event will be cancelled.
  2. If the Amber or Red Rainstorm Warning, No. 1 or No. 3 Tropical Cyclone Warning Signal or any other adverse weather warning is still hoisted at 8 a.m. on 13 October 2023, the arrangement of the Event will be announced through the Event Website and Email at or before 13 October 2023 12:30 .

During the Race

In case the weather is adverse during the race, participants should proceed to a safe place and inform the Organizer of their locations and wait for further arrangement. Participants should pay attention to weather report broadcasted on radio, or contact the Organizer (852) 8209 2909 for arrangement under adverse weather.

Get Lost

Participants should note and remember the numbers of the Distance Posts they have passed to help identifying their position during the race. Stay calm in case you get lost. Call Event Hotline (852) 8209 2909 to inform the Organizer as soon as possible. Tell our staff the last Check Point, the nearest Distance Post and/or the surrounding relief you have passed to assist search and rescue operation. (Note: International Distress Signals --> Send out six long blasts within one minute; pause for one minute and repeat the same. Don’t stop until the rescue team arrives. Continue the signaling even if you are discovered from a long distance so that the rescuers can identify your exact position.)


If any team member gets injured seriously or cannot move, you must call the Event Hotline (852) 8209 2909 (printed on the back page of the number bibs) to inform the Organizer and specify your location for further arrangement. Other Reference Information